010416 at work


It was the first day of 2016 and the first day of my full time. 

Did not know what to do so I was fixing brick texture for westchester. I thought it would be better to gather the rendering files at the same folder. I realized that I would have to move the model from Biennial to the office. I asked Mike about this and he after the meeting and we will move it tomorrow at 2. New employee, entry level, Michele I think she is a friend of Ashley maybe Penn family? She seems so frustrated to pronounce my name maybe she did not have any contacts with Asians before.

We had a biweekly meeting. So many names I don't know, outside the office. 1415 McCrory Senior housing is off the budget more than 30%. They were talking about whose problem that was but I could not understand the conversation. I need to focus more on the conversation especially on the meetings. I told Pete I had nothing to do so he said I could join Kerr (Highland Green) team but I then moved to help Joseph for Chicat modeling because Maya said she also doesn't have things to do. 

started working on Chicat. Joseph wanted me to study the door options for gallery. He introduced me NaNawall to check the details of the folding door. I worked to understand and study the specifications and detail from 10:00 to 12:00 and moved out to pay rent.

I went to Chinatown to pay rent and come back at 1:10 by Uber. It was too costy and time consuming so maybe I need to find a better way to pay the rent.

worked on Chicat to make options in sketchup. Mike told me I looked like possessed maybe because my mouth was open while doing sketchup. I would intentionally try not to do that! That would seem so goofy. 

Joseph came by to check the progress. I had a very poor communication with my broken English because I was not prepared to communicate. I was embarrassed. He gave me some more things to fix on the model so I kept working. 

left the office.

Nanawall: Nice manufacturer for folding doors and sliding doors, good resource
Delray: fancy lightings Jeff liked them
KERF: fancy wood built kitchen etc. Jeff liked them.

wednesday meeting: a guy from CMAP (Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning)
let's look into this after wedensday, worth to take a look. Very sophisticated and trustworthy information.

Envy Joseph working on national public housing museum.
People respect him.

q1/ how do they decide the percentage for construction?

q2/ What does PPA IHDA stand for? (westchester current project status)
(illinois housing development authority)

q3/ how do I access to current project status?

i1/ memorize phases
    01 Project Management: when like first starting the project, like when they just get the client
    02 Preliminary Development: do not know what exactly it is, ask Emma about this.
    03 Schematic Design
    04 Design Development
    05 Construction Documents
    06 Bidding & Negotiation : contractors, etc etc
    07 Permits
    08 Construction Observation
    09 Additional Services

    notebook template development (lbba notebook?)
    what is the process for pricing.

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